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Major: English
Under Gratution:Fairmont State University
Degree Name: Master's
Under Gratution 2: Marshall University
Degree Name: Master's

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I possess experience tutoring students in English and essay writing. I work with students on all aspects of essay writing, from ensuring strong, thoughtful content to grammar and spelling. By working on all of these aspects of essay writing, I help students to ensure that their essays stand out from the crowd and shine. To achieve these results, I go over essays with students, and point out areas of improvement and areas of strength by marking them where they are found throughout the paper, and showing students how to work on these areas to make their papers strong by leaving comments and suggestions to help them do so. I also carry experience with helping students create outlines to write their papers with, and with teaching English composition and literature on the college level. I possess experience with Library and Information Science, and am also available to tutor in that subject.

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  • Humanities
    • Writing
    • Literature
  • Professional Majors and Degrees
    • Library and Information Science
  • Test Prep
    • ACT english

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