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Major: Science
Under Gratution:MIT
Degree Name: MEd
Under Gratution 2: Tufts University
Degree Name: Other

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Hello, and welcome to tutoring. I'm a professional tutor and have been working with individual students since 1984; moved to full-time private tutoring in 2001. My professional qualifications include a BSc from MIT, BA Honours Math and Foreign Languages (double major) from Bishop's University, MA in Education from Tufts University , and many extra studies including two years in graduate school mathematics, online courses from the University of Waterloo, and other continuing education. I worked for eight years in schools and then decided my skills are more suited to working with small groups and one-to-one. I have also worked part-time in several colleges and private schools. I'm from Montreal and am fluently bilingual in French. I work with students trying to help them master major concepts and prepare themselves to move ahead independently. Real help is understanding and mastery; homework answers are the opposite of help because without doing the problems yourself you set yourself up for failure on your next test. So I don't just hand out answers, but rather work on methods to solve problems. I help students to be organized and precise in their math and language work. Organization, planning, logical connections, and exactness are what works. Passing over sloppy work and sloppy thinking is not doing you a favour but again setting you up for later trouble. It is possible to be relaxed and supportive but at the same time teach math and languages to a high standard.

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  • math
    • Calculus
    • IB Mathematics HL
    • IB Mathematics SL
    • Linear Algebra
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Advanced College Math
  • Humanities
    • Writing
  • English
    • Reading
  • Foreign Languages
    • French
  • Standardized Tests
    • GRE
    • SAT
    • SAT II
  • Test Prep
    • SAT math
    • SAT english

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