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Major: mathematics
Under Gratution:bits-pilani
Degree Name: Master's
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I was a part of national service scheme for 2 years.There I used to teach scjool kids.SO far I have learnt that students are people who have feelings and who don't want to feel cornered. They want to learn but they also want to feel as if they have some control over themselves. I never made assumptions again about a student before they came into my class. Every student is different; no two students react in the same way. It is our tasks as teachers to find not only what motivates each student to learn but also what motivates them to misbehave. If we can meet them at that point and take away that motivation, we can go a long way towards a more effective learning experience.

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  • math
    • Statistics
    • Basic Math
    • Linear Programming
  • Humanities
    • Philosophy
  • Business
    • Macroeconomics
    • Microeconomics
  • Science
    • Biology
  • Social Sciences
    • Public Policy

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