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Major: Political Science
Under Gratution:Boise State University
Degree Name: Enrolled
Under Gratution 2: University of Idaho
Degree Name: Graduate Coursework

About Me:

While I was enrolled in my undergraduate degree, I worked in a tutoring lab for a local university. My function was tutoring Math and English. I loved working with the students and helping each understand additional ways to learn the subjects they struggled in. Consequently, as an undergraduate, I took almost all of the classes required for a degree in Education, but I opted for a Political Science degree instead. At the time, I was really interested in law and planning on attending law school. After graduation, I decided to search for a job and I was hired by an Assessment Center at a local university. My main job was a GED test proctor and I loved working in the position. I felt rewarded knowing that I was helping others accomplish a goal that they had. In my opinion, education is the key and is a vital element in survival today. Over the years, I have learned numerous ways to present materials to students in different ways. If one method does not work, then I will find a way that does. Currently, I am a stay-at-home mother to a four month old boy. I enjoy spending time with my baby, but I do miss the mental stimulation that tutoring provided and how awesome it felt to help someone overcome a difficult task. I look forward to helping more students in this area.

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  • English
    • Writing
    • Reading
    • Oral english
  • History
    • US History
  • math
    • Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Basic Math
    • Pre-Algebra
  • Social Sciences
    • Government
    • Political Science

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