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Major: Finance
Under Gratution:University of Notre Dame
Degree Name: Master's
Under Gratution 2: University of Houston
Degree Name: Other

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As a student in dual degree program (Masters of Science in Strategic Management as well as my MBA)at Indiana University through Kelly Direct, I intend to further develop my problem solving skill and analytical expertise. Strategic Management will provide me with a working knowledge of theories and concepts used for: assessing competitive conditions, evaluating corporate capabilities, and identifying means for establishing a competitive advantage. This was imperative in my experience as a Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis at a Fortune 500 company. I plan on utilizing my MBA from this top tier university to properly prepare myself for senior management roles in business with a focus on venture capital (in an attempt to create and establish a global crowdfunding ecosystem through Project US 708), while also tutoring students online at Tutor.Com in Introductory Accounting and Microsoft Excel. As a graduate in the Masters of Accountancy Program at the University of Houston, I complemented my Accounting background (Staff Accountant and Corporate Accounting Manager) with my studies. I received certificates in Auditing, Advanced Internal Auditing, and Risk Management; as well as the Dean's Award for Academic Excellence. Through the completion of this degree, I have become CPA eligible, and plan to obtain my CPA license after completing all of my schooling. However, I have already obtained my Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certifications. As a graduate from the University of Notre Dame, pursuing an education in Finance has allowed me to develop the fundamental skills necessary to advance into a career in business. Initially, I was interested in Chemical Engineering, until the end of my sophomore year. Chemical Engineering provided me with strong analytical skills, critical thinking skills, and a hardworking ethic. It has also provided me with two perspectives when solving business problems. I have applied the information provided in my classes to develop a business plan which also shows initiative, leadership, and the well-roundness I have developed in the business world.

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    • Accounting
    • Finance
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