Top 10 Online Tutoring Services

Top 10 Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has gained popularity in recent year but many students and their parents are not yet aware of this. Once the idea moves from the realm of theory to the sphere of reality, the attitudes would change from doubt to appreciation. The design and delivery of e-learning is not simply a matter of selecting a mentoring team with experience in the subject and / or technical skills. But also the choice of educators with pedagogical skills, information and communication required to manage and facilitate online learning. Therefore, the choice of appropriate equipment tutor with appropriate skills, or at least the willingness to acquire these, is essential for successful online learning.

The role of online tutor

Online tutoring has been widely regarded as a key factor in the success of collaborative learning activities mediated by computer. In fact, when making the decision to take delivery of online learning, educators will have to re-evaluate their role as academic tutors, as known solutions teaching face to face may not work in a learning environment online. Though the roles that have to be carried out as part of the tasks of e-tutors are not really very different in nature in relation to the traditional tasks face to face. However, there are significant differences from the beginning of e-learning as a delivery mode. In e-learning, tutors responsibilities involve both technical and educational level.

Main functions of online tutoring:

Intellectual functions:

Intellectual functions are some of the most important functions for the process of e-Learning. So e-teachers use questions and probe for student responses that discussions on fundamental concepts, principles and skills focus.

These functions may include a number of tasks such as :

Opening of discussions
Focusing on content and relevant topics
Intervene in order to promote the interest and productive conversation
Guide and maintain the participation of students in discussions
and summary of the discussions.

Social Functions:

It involves creating social pleasant and comfortable environment in which students feel that learning is possible. In this context, e-tutors are responsible for: ensuring opportunities for participants to introduce themselves; identify and deal with those students who are reluctant to participate; ensuring that communication is appropriate; taking into account cultural and ethnic backgrounds, minimizing humorous, offensive and disruptive behavior; promote interactivity among students; and finally, it is flaming, should this happen, reminding participants of the label of the appropriate network.

Management functions:

Management  or organization that involve setting learning objectives; establishing agendas for learning activities; hours of learning activities and tasks; clarifying the procedural rules and rules of decision making. These functions include: encouraging participants to be clear, responding to the contributions of the participants, being patient, following the flow of conversation and encouraging comments, management of information overload, encouraging participation and concluding sessions.

Technical function:

Technical functions involve familiarity and competency with ICT and software systems that make up the e-learning environment. In addition, this feature support students to become competent and comfortable themselves, by providing technical and study guidance, also direct and inform about technical issues, ensuring that the time to seize ICT systems is made available and encourage peer learning.

Elementary services of online tutoring

Though e-tutoring is different from tutoring as it emphasis on writing and produces more quality. It does not limit the teaching to specific timings. It requires teachers to develop new ways to encourage participation and to assess the value of contributions online. Therefore, even for the most experienced tutor there is much knowledge to be gained on the skills required.  The online tutors should also experience in the field and the traditional academic training. So, they are able to demonstrate additional skills such as the ability to plan and organize the delivery clearly by specifying the objectives and learning outcomes. Online tutoring establishes learning agendas and provide leadership and framework in learning activities and accept the diversity of learning outcomes, attitudes and styles while adapting the styles to support the needs of individual participants.

Selection of online tutors

This new set of skills poses difficult challenges in the selection of online tutors. In fact, experts in the field are either certified by academic institutions or professional bodies, so it is easy for the selectors to identify suitable candidates. Similarly, the traditional academic qualifications are easily recognizable. However, online tutors require additional and crucial set of skills which makes it very difficult for the selectors to choose from suitably qualified candidates for this role. This does not mean that there are no suitable candidates, but that is problematic for them to provide evidence that they have these skills. Compounding this situation, there are currently a large number of short courses of varying quality which aims to certify online tutors. While searching on internet at you will find well-established postgraduate courses for online learning, preparing & effective tutors available.

Learning Skills online

Publicity is associated with online learning, students often feel compelled to engage in these new environments, without being properly equipped with the basic skills which is required to succeed. In fact, it is expected that students should possess intellectual skills such as the negotiation of meaning, lifelong learning, reflective analysis and meta-cognition without being properly trained in techniques of low level. To utilize online learning students too need to be adept with the use basic technology via computer, social skills online, online label, web browsing, and Internet search. These skills are not only required to succeed in the online learning environment to which students are exposed. These are also an essential part of all aspects of daily network activity.

Online learning resources and services

In addition to the well prepared tutors and students, successful learning requires academically sound and well-designed resources. These are the resources that students need at a particular moment in learning, thinking and to design new ideas. Modern teaching and learning, such as constructivism, problem-based and experiential learning, it is assumed that knowledge is acquired through social negotiation, experience and reflection. This construction results from two different types of interactivity in the learning process.

The first is an individual activity between the student and learning materials. It can range from the traditional textbook with computer simulations. The second is a social activity, between the student and the tutor or other students. Cognitive restructuring occurs as students revise their ways of thinking when they face differences between their own perceptions and new information. To promote development through the guidance provided by the interaction with people who have experts in solving the problems arising from the learning activities.

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Other important Online Tutoring Sites:

These are the best websites that provide online tutoring services:

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  8. Smart Thinking
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  10. Buddy School

Online tutors play a critical role in e-learning, they should therefore be equipped with the right set of skills and attributes and experience. Therefore, the selection process of online learning team is probably one of the most important critical success factors in student acceptance of e-learning.

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