Tips for Keeping Up When Changing Colleges During the Year

Changing Colleges

Changing colleges before you’ve graduated can be difficult at the best of times. Especially if it’s during term time or the middle of an academic year. There are a few keys tips that can make things run a bit more smoothly, and here they are:

1. Get involved in social groups as quickly as possible

One of the hardest parts about changing colleges is that most people will already have set their social groups up and found their friends. Joining in can be difficult when it seems like you’re an outsider – but people aren’t normally as unfriendly as you think. Get involved in things quickly and make friends.

It might seem like everyone has their closed social groups already – put people are always willing to make new friends. Try reaching out and asking a few of the people on their course if they can help you study or even if they watched the game last night. It should be easier than you think.

2. Have a chat with your professors

Many people sail through college life without ever really having a conversation with their professor (especially on courses with a large number of students). Talking to your professor should be one of the first things you do when changes colleges – so you can make sure they’re aware of your situation and you can address any areas of study you need to brush up on.

3. Get a personal tutor

If you’re behind in certain areas of study, a personal tutor can be a great way to brush up on things and not get left behind. It’s common that your courses will have had slight differences and you won’t have necessarily been studying the exact same things – a personal tutor can help plug the gap and stop you getting left even further behind.

4. Join a club or sports team

Sports teams are a great way to meet new people AND get stuck in with representing your new college. If you’re not particularly sporty, that doesn’t matter either – you can still join a fan group or a different club. Most large universities cover a huge range of interests – you should be able to pick something for you.

5. Volunteer on campus

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people while you get to grips with your new college. Colleges will quite often need help with all sorts of activities, and they’ll be keen to get any volunteers they can.

One great way to actually improve your knowledge of the place is to help other people.¬†As you’ll pick up loads of new facts and learn things as you help others. Volunteering can help build a sense of loyalty to your college and also help you meet other like-minded people.

Changing colleges isn’t easy

But you needn’t make it too hard for yourself. Many people are daunted by the move but forget there was ever a problem even a few months into things. Make sure you try and get involved and meet new people, and it should be easier than you think.

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