Future Perspectives in the Evolution of Education

History of Education has seen gradual strides in its evolution. With the introduction of Greek and Roman education, it has crossed many milestones in middle ages, Renaissance and Reformation. Today, we are in the phase of online education where online tutoring has a major role to play.

future of education evolution

As things go on in the scenario of education, brick and mortar classrooms are out of fashion and it is online access to education that rules the roost. With the advent of computers and internet, students pay less attention in traditional classrooms and seek more help through private tutoring sources. Running pillar to post in search of physical private tutor is also not the order of the day. It is accessing online tutoring help from any place you are in at any time you wish to seek help for your homework and other study help.

Well, the question arises in our mind-how this virtual tutoring works and what are its benefits that people are crazy about it. All you need is some technological device like laptop, desktop, smart phone app or tab for getting tutoring help online with internet connectivity .Now, mobile learning has succeeded e-learning making the process of education easy, available at any time for everyone.

No wonder, the future prospects of education depend mostly on virtual set up where there is no need for physical appearance. Though there is less exposure to kinetic experiences in this kind of education, advanced technological tools like Skype  compensate for the physical experiences of the students and help them get on with online tutors and online teachers in an easy to mingle atmosphere with personalized care and attention.

Might be such kind of online  exposure in future education would be for the advantage of great many students who are physically disabled, or from some remote corner of the world  or do not find regular school education affordable.

The fact remains undeniable that online tutoring is going to occupy a major space in the future educational scenario.

Great Milestones in the Evolution of Education!

Education adds value to one’s life and makes him perfect in his lifestyle. It would be interesting to see how education evolved and what milestones it has seen in its progress.

evolution of education

Since the creation of the world, man started communicating through sounds from which the art of speaking and writing slowly evolved. As days went on, men learnt to build their cities wherein the establishment of schools took place in course of time. A set of instructors came in to train young minds in various faculties and thus subjects like language, Math, Science entered the portals of education.

Early trends of education

Greeks and Romans were the pioneers in educational trends and they made learning possible through great scholars who trained young minds in various faculties. While Greeks gave importance to language and Math, Romans were interested in creating great orators who proved their worth in Roman senates. History has seen various Greek and Roman scholars who are admired even today for their scholarship and impeccable knowledge.

In middle ages, education had its great milestone in the establishment of Universities. Middle age scholars were experts in logic, grammar, rhetoric and geometry and education of this age had lots of religious overtones in it.

Renaissance and oncoming centuries

Renaissance is known to be the age marking the revival of art and it was reflected in the educational trends as well. Humanistic approach to learning was the hall mark of the age and it emphasized on liberal education in contrast to the strict parameters imposed by the educational methods of previous centuries. Learning was exciting and fun in this century.

Next century faced religious reformation which was reflected in educational patterns also. And by this time, educational practices of various sorts have deep rooted themselves in various parts of the world and the prominence of innovative methods in education came to the front.

American education

Colonies in America were teaching arithmetic, reading, writing and religion in 17TH century. They followed humanist curriculum. As it went on, history, geography, algebra, geometry, astronomy, modern languages were taught in the United States in 18TH century. Common schools were started in the US followed by public secondary schools in 19th century.

20TH century

This is the marked period in educational trends with many new systems introduced by the advent of computer and internet. People started using computers for teaching and those who had access to this great technological tool were able to work wonders in their education.

Education today

Today, it is the world of online classes and schools with varied curricula and courses that are limitless and seamless. Learning in a physical classroom is slowly disappearing with the advent of tutoring sites that make education possible anywhere at any time. With the innovation in technology, education through virtual set ups has become the order of the day as  it is the most feasible outfit for a student of modern days.

Online tutoring has a great role to play in this context making education affordable, available and modern. It gives us the hope that there would not be any traditional classroom in future but only white boards online to teach students via technological medium.

Thus, education has seen various trends and is at a sublime level today with the advent of online teaching methods.

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