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Whenever students are asked to submit an academic paper, whether it is an essay or a term paper, many would scratch their head thinking of ways as to how they can meet the requirements and submit their papers on time. Choosing the topic alone can already be difficult. What more if you have to start writing your paper? But the good news is that there are a wide array of tools that you can use online to help you with writing.

Some of the best tools that you can find whether it is for academic writing or any other writing projects include the following:

Readability Score

One of the main components that comprise a good composition is its readability. Keep in mind that you want your readers to understand what you are trying to say and what you are trying to convey. Readability Score is created for this purpose. It gives you reading level score along with other text statistics to help you come up with a much better paper. Using Readability Score is easy since you can just paste or type the text and the results are generated right away. You must check out the bedtime stories for kids online, so you will get ideas from there.

Novel Guide

Before you write any material, you need to research and read different materials related to the topic or the question you want to answer. To come up with more ideas and to get the answers you need, it helps to use websites like Novel Guide offers free study guide answers in addition to a broad range of books that you can use for your paper.

Grammar Girl

No matter how well written your academic paper is, any teacher or professor would look at the grammar.  There are students who simply do not have a knack for this. If you are having a hard time with grammar, you can always use sites like Grammar Girl. Through the online user’s English guide, you get to have a very friendly and useful guide that you can use to learn more about grammar, word usage, punctuation, etc. The site also has interesting articles where you get to read recent developments in the English  language. There are lots of bedtime stories for girls online.


Students have to submit different requirements and projects. That includes having to submit various academic papers required by professors. It gets more difficult when there are just too many deadlines. Just when the task gets really tedious, you can always ask for professional help. Aussie Writer is an online writing service provider. They provide a wide array of writing services depending on what the clients need. You can just provide the details of the  paper and set the deadline. At least, you do not have to worry since there is a professional writer who will create an original and quality content for you.

Daily Grammar

Having a well written content entails not just good ideas but sound grammar. Unfortunately, not all students can create a paper that does not contain grammatical errors. To help you write a content that can meet the standards of your professors, you have to study grammar. One site that you can use is Daily Grammar. If you are looking for a fun and easy way to learn grammar, this is the best site to use. It presents grammar lessons in a more simplified way which makes it easier for students to understand and absorb.

Write Monkey

To help you write better content, there are writing applications like Writemonkey. This application is very useful especially since you get to have a clutter free writing environment where you can just focus on your thoughts and your writing. With Writemonkey, you can avoid distraction. This application can make you more productive in order for you to have better output.


In writing any academic paper, you need to research and to have proper citation. Zotero is a free tool that you can use to organize your research work. Through the use of this tool, you get to have a personal research assistant as it allows you to create and add your personal library with just one click. It allows you to collect all of your research sources and can even add images, audio and PDFs.

Writing is a skill that you can use not just when you are in school but even when you are already working, you can utilize this skill to your advantage. In order to become a good writer, there are online writing resources readily available. The site also has an 8 week online writing courses where you can learn so many things about writing.

RMIT Learning Lab

A lot of students have a hard time writing their papers. But when you are skilled, you will not have any difficulty in drafting compositions. RMIT Learning Lab provides essential resources that students can use to further enhance their writing skills. From interactive tutorials to handouts, you can just access these resources to work on your grammar, academic style, spelling, etc.

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