Popularity Of Albert Einstein And The Importance Of His Theories

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein needs no introduction across the globe; even children are aware of his work in physics! With his theories and conjectures, he changed the face of science as we know it and also enjoys a cult status till date for his contribution to modern science. Well loved by public, it is quite common to see children dressed as Einstein for costume parties and during Halloween. Apart from being a prominent figure in science, he was quite popular for his down to earth existence, sense of humour and of course appearance. Hair eternally in disarray, haphazard clothing that usually looked as if dishevelled and a totally cool attitude was his trademark style and this brought him closer to the public than anything else. He propounded quite a few important theories and presented three important papers that are studied ardently by physicists across the world even today.

His body of work is extensive and has won him many accolades. To this day, his work is studied by scientists and science enthusiasts alike and many interpretations and theories are formed based on them; such is the importance of his work. Read on to learn about some of his popular theories and their applications.

Einstein’s Theories

Einstein’s quest for understanding things and knowledge was so great that he discovered and proposed the most important theories based on which so many things are built even till date! Some of his most popular work revolves around light (Quantum theory). He propounded that light exists in the form of particles rather than as waves and this revolutionary thought rightly brought him the Nobel Prize in the year 1921 for contribution to Physics. To this day, students seek the help of online physics tutors to get the hang of his theories (for they find it too hard to understand it in at the first try). Most of his theories are taught since school and students resort to seeking help with them. In fact, his stellar academic career is the topic of study for many at school.

One of his all important theories and the theory that most people recollect at the very mention of his name is the theory of relativity. In fact, so popular is the theory that his name is almost synonymous with it! The theory of relativity in fact tells us that space and time are relative to one another and exist in that fashion based on the observer. This is yet another theory that people study in depth and at length at research levels even and again this is one of the most popularly searched topics to be studied under online physics tutors.

Other popular work of Einstein comes in various areas such as cosmology, zero-point energy, critical opalescence, wave particle duality and so on. He was awarded a variety of different awards for his contribution to science and his popularity is due to a combination of extraordinary work in science as well his personal charm.

Learn About Force And Its Effects On Objects In Motion


Objects on an incline tend to slide downwards and even children know of this phenomenon. However, the science behind it is not familiar to all and is one of the many topics that students find difficult to understand in their first attempt. Most of them even look for online physics tutors to help them understand it better. Read on to learn everything there is to know about what sort of forces act on an object in an inclined plane.

Why do objects move downwards when on an inclined plane?

They slide downwards simply because there is no balance and when the gravitational pull is higher than that of the other net forces acting on it, it tends to accelerate downwards. To understand further, we need to look at the forces acting on the object on an inclined plane. There are two forces that act on an object on an inclined plane (assuming that there is no friction and there are no other external factors affecting the motion of the object) and they are:

  • The weight of the object/ gravitational force
  • The normal force

The normal force usually acts in a perpendicular fashion and is directed perpendicular to the surface. These forces in turn have their perpendicular and horizontal components. The normal force is actually balanced by the force of gravity that has a component in the opposite direction to the normal force. Thus, the only other force that drives the object into motion is the horizontal component of the gravitational force which is along the surface of the incline and this causes acceleration. Thus, the component of the gravitational force that runs parallel to the surface of the incline is responsible for the object’s acceleration in the absence of other forces.

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