5 Surefire Tips to Balance Writing with another Career

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It’s quite common for some newbie and expert writers to juggle writing with another job. Due to the fact that no one is sure of the future, most writers keep working until they are certain that it’s the right time for them to quit the other job. This could take months or even several years before they make their final decision. Here are some tips for the part-time writers who want to stay on top of their game .

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3 Tips For Building An Impressive Career Network

Building An Impressive Career Network

There is more to networking than drinking coffee together during meet-ups or saying the usual hello to your colleague’s day in, day out. Without mincing words, your career success lies at the very core of networking. Different people from all walks of life make up this network, including those that are not even from your workplace, in this vein, everyone is equally important.

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