8 Easy Tips to Write a Better and More Effective Resume

Better and More Effective Resume

When you start to look for a job after graduation, you’re going to need to write a resume. In that resume you’re going to need to convince potential employers that you are a good match for the jobs they’re offering – while competing against all the other candidates that are also applying at the same time.

That is why it is so important that you’re able to write an effective resume. It could quite literally be the difference between landing your dream job or not, so you should definitely spend time improving it. To that end, these eight tips will come in handy:

Present yourself in the best light

The main goal of your resume is to sell yourself to potential employers – so it is important that you present yourself in the best light. That means that you should focus on your accomplishments and the best parts of your personality – especially if they are relevant to the role that you’re applying for.

Do not lie or misrepresent yourself on a resume

One of the main pitfalls that graduates face when writing their first resume is the temptation to misrepresent themselves or tell a ‘white lie’ or two. Generally misrepresenting yourself is not worthwhile as even though you may not get caught – if you do it will be extremely damaging.

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Make use of bullet points

Considering most employers end up having to go through hundreds of resumes, walls of text are a definite turn off. Rather than writing long paragraphs, you should make use of bullet points to succinctly put across the important points.

Do not write in the first person and get rid of pronouns

Conventionally it is best to stay away from writing in the first person or using pronouns in a resume – which can be confusing the first time that you write one. Think of it this way: Rather than writing ‘I studied engineering with a focus on robotics’ you could simply write ‘Studied engineering with a focus on robotics’.

Utilize templates but don’t feel limited by them

Nowadays there are tons of templates that are readily available online. While these templates are a great resource and can help you to get an idea of the structure, formatting and style of a resume – you should not let yourself be limited by them. In many cases you won’t find a template that fits your needs perfectly, which is why it is best to use a good template and then edit it to fit your needs instead.

Be as specific as possible in your resume

Details are what employers tend to look for in a resume – so be sure that yours provides them. All too often graduates make the mistake of writing resume that are too general, which will make them look identical to one another. To provide details and specifics, focus on the achievements and the impact that they had. If you can quantify these achievements – all the better.

Tweak the style, spacing and typography so that it is readable

Although there is no need to turn your resume into a graphical masterpiece – taking care of the style, spacing and typography so that everything looks neat and readable is important. The last thing you want is for your resume to appear crammed and turn off potential employers.

Adapt your resume for different employers

Considering most fresh graduates have rather sparse resumes this may not be applicable at first – but it is something to bear in mind. The skills and achievements that you have may be relevant to different employers, so adapting your resume accordingly for different employers can be a huge help. That will especially be the case once you have more experience under your belt.

If you remember and apply these tips when you’re writing, you should be able to churn out an effective resume. Should you feel that you need any further help however, you can always try for some great advice or even professional assistance through their resume writing service. Seeing as your resume will have an impact on your future – it makes sense to pull out all the stops when dealing with it.

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