6 Tips on How NOT to Allow Your Major Determine Your Profession


How do you know whether you’ll be happy with your job or not if you’ve never tried it? Yet, most of us choose a major having just a vague idea of what their future working day will actually be like. Such a choice can’t be safe, but it doesn’t mean you have to get knee deep in a job you hate.

Do you have a feeling that you’ll be more successful in a career outside your major? Here are six tips that may help you move forward.

1. Don’t Let Anyone Pick Your Career for You

Do you know what you really WANT to do? Achieving success in a completely new field requires a great deal of effort, and it is the power of desire that is the best fuel for your professional growth. Any human resource manager prefers to hire a person showing a genuine interest in what he/she is supposed to do every day.

2. Use Additional Resources to Estimate Your Prospects

The final decision will be up to you, but professional advice may be of great help. Don’t be afraid to say to yourself: “I need someone to help me with my career planning”. Feel free to contact government or private career advice service. Don’t expect a ready answer. You’ll receive a more or less realistic view on your personal compatibility with several occupations.

It is very likely that you’ll get a list of professions. To make it longer, use additional resources, like the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook. You’ll find information on jobs you might have never heard about, as well as hiring prospects and wages.

Check out what skills are mentioned in job postings. The fact that you’ve majored in a different subject doesn’t mean you don’t have any transferable skills in your back pocket.

3. Gain Experience at All Costs

Typically, the cost is the following: you’re paid less than you could earn working in your major. Or even none. It shouldn’t scare you off, as in most cases you’ll be able to earn more when you become an expert. Why does experience matter? Because:

  • you gain an insight on whether the job really suits you;
  • you get skills and knowledge that make you an expert.

How can you gain experience?

  • Internship;
  • Side project;
  • Volunteer project;
  • Part-time job.

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4. Improve Your Industry Knowledge

Having chosen a pool of prospective employers, subscribe to their company newsletters and social media profiles. Think of other sources of industry news.

5. Build Your Professional Network

Request an informational interview with a person who is already working in the desired field. If you don’t have friends and acquaintances with relevant experience, you might write to someone from your college’s alumni database. According to forbes, check out “How To Build A Powerful Professional Network

6. Never Skip a Chance for an Education

Some industries, like medicine, require education even for entry-level positions. Yet, there are quite a few occupations where you may start without a degree. In both cases, an additional coursework or training will make you more attractive in the eyes of the employers. The fact that you’re prepared to pay to get more information in your field of interest confirms you have a genuine interest in it.

At first, the way your life is changing may seem scaring. Yet, in the course of time you won’t be able to imagine your life without these changes. Are you ready to make a leap ahead?

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