5 Surefire Tips to Balance Writing with another Career

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It’s quite common for some newbie and expert writers to juggle writing with another job. Due to the fact that no one is sure of the future, most writers keep working until they are certain that it’s the right time for them to quit the other job. This could take months or even several years before they make their final decision. Here are some tips for the part-time writers who want to stay on top of their game .

    1. Be genuinely interested

Without mincing words, the writers that are making positive impacts globally are really passionate about writing. A great number of college students started writing by working on their academic papers.Others used the assistance they got at sites like as an inspiration to write on their own.In situations where you have to manage a job with writing, the most important thing is to develop interest in both without allowing one to affect the other. In the long run, you may have to ditch writing altogetherif there are no equal interests. The fact is that as time goes on, the skills in each career can be applicable to the other.

2. Design a flexible schedule

Meeting deadlines and finding time to write are some of the challenges faced by many full-time writers. If care is not taken, part-time writers can find writing really stressful. It’s every writer dreams to keep working and still have enough energy for other activities. The bottom line is to study yourself in order to know the time that you are most productive. While some prefer working very early in the morning, others tend to be highly motivated at night. During these periods, around 15-30 minutes each day is alright for starters. Consider the weekends too, it’s possible to work for few hours and still have time for your loved ones.

3. Use writing and productivity apps

It goes without saying that the emergence of smartphones and tablets have really simplified the writing process. Many apps are now targeted at writers and most of them are free to install and use. These apps include Ever-note and Color Note. Writers can easily capture their ideas on the go, during their commute, before meetings or at any spare time. First drafts and outlines can also be created with them. For productivity, Coffitivity, Self-Control, Focus and Anti-Social are great options.

4. Proper diet and sleep

The benefits of maintaining a proper diet can’t be underestimated. The body will be supplied with all the proper nutrients and helps in maintain healthy cells, tissues and organs. Observing healthy diet and sleeping habits will keep you alert during the day and assist in achieving a clearer perspective.

5. Get help

One way to be less stressed as a writer is to delegate tasks to others. It may be about getting someone to assist with household chores or hiring the services of an expert editor or proofreader for your writing. A great amount of time will be saved that way and you won’t have to spend a fortune.


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