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Major: B.E(Hons.) Mechanical Engineering
Under Gratution:BITS-Pilani (Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences)
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I am presently in my final year Mechanical engineering at BITS-Pilani and doing a research project at CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, India. I have always been a student who wishes to strive for excellence in work and not be baffled by endeavours. Right form my childhood I was always interested in interdisciplinary learning and at the same time spreading my knowledge to my peers and fellow students. I have strongly believed in the fact that sharing your knowledge with others would revise your concepts and in turn give you a new perspective to look at the subject in question. Thus I have always made sure that I discuss in detail and explain all the concepts I learnt to my peers and juniors. Being an exceptional student at my school level, I used to take the responsibility of handling a couple of low performing students in my class each year and guide them through their academics. I used to form a timetable comprising of study hours for each subject and discussion sessions where they would share their doubts with me. I used to make sure that the timetable was in synchronization with the curriculum at school so that they don’t lag behind and grasp the concepts as and when they are taught. This used to help them gain better insight into the subject and at the same time give me an opportunity to think in-depth when I try explaining them the various phenomenon and concepts. I was very well appreciated for my efforts at Visakha Valley School, India and some of the classes started tutoring sessions after school for which I played the lead role. I secured 1st rank in the southern Indian zone in my 10th Board examination and I would give the maximum credit to these sessions for my success. I have been an active member of Eco and Health club back at School and participated in inter-school science fairs where we showcased the work the club was undertaking. I used to explain the basic concepts underlying the projects through videos and animations to juniors and inspired them to take up active part in learning sciences. Through my consistent efforts I got into the meritorious institute of BITS-Pilani, rated among the top in the country. In BITS right from my first year I have been an active member of NSS (National Service Scheme). I was in the Computer Literacy Programme where I taught Microsoft Office, C Language and Adobe Photoshop to students of classes 9 and 10. I used to follow a set timetable and give them homework daily so that they don’t forget the techniques. I was well appreciated for my efforts by the Director of NSS BITS-Pilani and looking at the success of the initiative the programme was extended to other schools in villages near Pilani. As Secretary of Renewable energy Club at BITS-Pilani, I organized numerous seminars on Solar engineering and renewable energy systems wherein I explained the various concepts of the subject to the students on campus. I encouraged them to understand the growing need for renewable energy sources and effective methods to achieve self-sufficiency through these sources. Being an enthusiast of Heat Transfer and Powerplant engineering, I conducted lecture sessions for about 80-100 juniors who wanted to pursue the course but weren’t able to do so due to various unforeseen circumstances. Over the years, the numerous experiences I have had so far with sharing knowledge and subjects with students has given me a passion for teaching. I wish to explain the various phenomenon and the underlying concepts in ways which would encourage students to appreciate the subjects and nature in turn. My expertise in subjects: Mechanical engineering I have a cumulative grade point average of 8.9 out of 10 in mechanical subjects and rank among top 1% in class. I have done courses on Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Material Sciences, Applied Thermodynamics, Machine design and drawing, IC engines, Production Techniques, Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines, heat transfer, quality control assurance and reliability, prime movers and fluid machines, CAD, Mechanical Vibrations, Power plant engineering along with advanced courses of Mechatronics and Toyota Production System. I have done close to 15 projects in my curriculum and gained a good practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject. I have done internships in Honda (company) and Indian Institute of Sciences (Research Institute) which has helped me bridge the gap between classroom learning and industrial application. I have taken up classes on Solid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and Powerplant engineering for my juniors who couldn’t pursue the course due to various reasons. I am well aware as to where the students face the most difficulty in understanding the concepts and can explain in simple and easy to understand methods. GRE I obtained an overall score of 324 with the split up as Verbal Reasoning – 156 and Quantitative Reasoning - 168. I secured a score of 4.5 out of 6 in analytical writing. I can explain the basic maths involved in the test and guide students through ways to handle reading comprehensions well in time. Finance I have done courses on Fundamentals of economics, Security Analysis and Portfolio management, Derivatives and Risk Management and Money Banking & Financial markets and thus have a good grasp on operations of financial markets and the various financial intermediaries. Applied Mathematics I have done courses on Partial Differential Equations, Differential Calculus, Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra, and 3D geometry in my Bachelors degree at BITS-Pilani. I have kept in touch with the subject as I find Mathematics intriguing and like to solve complex problems in simple ways.

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