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Major: English
Under Gratution:Saint Louis University
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I started tutoring in high school, continued all through college, and after graduation from Saint Louis University, I turned tutoring into a profession of sorts. First, I worked as technical support, helping people fix their computer problems over the phone. Next, I combined that skill set with my English degree and began teaching people by writing the computer manuals themselves. I even got to work at some really cool places like Nintendo of America and in Microsoft's Xbox division as a Technical Writer. (No, I can't teach you any cheat codes, but I can teach you what you will need to study if you want to work there!) My teaching philosophy is: *everyone* is capable of achieving excellence. My job as a teacher is figuring out what works best for you and adapting my teaching style to what you need. Don't worry if you're "no good at memorization," or "English is my *worst* subject!" I've been there too! There are several different methods we can use to help you strengthen whatever skills you need. The first session is always free, because I want to get to know you and find out what works for you first, before we decide how to tackle what's troubling you. You can see if we're a good fit, also, and if you think you'll like working with me. Thesis papers, compare & contrast papers, persuasive arguments, active versus passive voice, when to use who and whom, how to cite sources using different style manuals, oral presentations, reading dramatically, and even tricks-of-the-trade professional writers use that they don't teach in school: these are all areas in which I am quite comfortable. I can make you comfortable with them, too.

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  • Humanities
    • Writing
  • English
    • Reading
    • Oral english
  • Humanities
    • Communication
    • Film and Theater
    • Gender Studies
    • Literature
    • Philosophy
    • Study Skills

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