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Major: History
Under Gratution:California State University, Sacramento
Degree Name: Enrolled
Under Gratution 2: California State University, Sacramento
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As a future educator, being able to help students succeed in the classroom is my top priority whenever I work with new students. With all the new required classes and subjects students need to master as they grow older, many times help is needed by students in order to allow them to fully understand and comprehend all the information being given to them. As a current student teacher, I have worked with a number of students in the classroom, in order to help them understand materials, and realize what they can truly do when they try their hardest. Having worked in a variety of schools as both an assistant and as a student teacher, it has allowed me to grow as a person myself as well, and realize that all students need separate types of study methods in order for each of them to succeed. While I specialize with the Social Sciences, such as Government and History, I'm fully able and capable to help tutor in English and other subjects belonging to language, such as reading and writing. In order to fully help students, being able to meet their needs is my main priority, and allows me to understand what complications they might be having. I hope that I will be able to help your child or children succeed, and that they will be able to feel accomplished with the work they complete through their hard work.

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  • History
    • European History
    • US History
    • World History
  • English
    • Writing
    • Reading
  • Social Sciences
    • Geography
    • Government

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