How Does Technology Enhance Teaching and Learning Amount to Student Success?

Technology Enhance Teaching and Learning

Technology has touched the realms of education to a great level. Teaching and learning have attained heights of success with enhanced technological tools. Every teacher, who is technologically sound, feels proud on the date that his knowledge can reach many students in a perfect and flawless manner and the student also feels good about the acquisition of real education on his part. This is due to the tools like e- readers, tablet computers, digital textbooks and digital videos of the day. More advantage is added by tutoring online with its convenient time structure and accessibility.

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50+ Resources that Transform Education Today


Education technology has occupied much space in recent technological developments. With an attitude of philanthropy, revolutionary giants in technology have shown interest in empowering education with new technological strides.

Though there are many online startups, they are spun around some fundamental educational ideas and as such it has become convenient for us to pick out the leading startups based on these ideas. Here these ideas and leading startups are:

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