When Plagiarism Is Becoming a Plea for Help


You Kidnapper! *gasp*

The word plagiarism is found in almost every language and its early meanings are stealing as well as even kidnapping. Think about it. I know the word kidnapping is an exaggeration of what we are discussing here. But consider this: the content you steal is someone else’s baby and while it is with you in its original form, it is still someone else’s baby. That technically makes you a kidnapper.

Plagiarism is in its essence is the willful theft of someone else’s intellectual property and doing so makes you a criminal in the eyes of the law. Would you like to be imprisoned for it? I wouldn’t.

An Innocent Crime or..?

It is a crime most people commit without ever knowing how severe the consequences could be. Whether you are a student or a writer of any sort, you must have accidentally copied someone else’s work and passed it along as your own. But did you know that stealing someone’s writing (intellectual content) is a crime?

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It isn’t a crime that could get you thrown into prison for years and years but it is surely a crime that could get you a hefty charge. Now, I don’t know about you but I calculate my money in terms of how many books I can buy. And with the fine I would have had to pay for plagiarism, I could have bought be about a hundred of the books on my bucket list.

Follow The Law, Miss!

Do you know that content written by you is your intellectual property in the eyes of law, much like original inventions. They fall under copyright laws. You have to be very careful, if you decided to use any text or other information that wasn’t created by you. But there are surely some variations to these laws.

  • Unless you have some evidence to prove the content in question is yours, you cannot claim it.
  • Whether it is in handwritten form or a digital file, you need it to prove your claim otherwise it is a lost cause.

Plagiarism isn’t just a crime but as a person, it makes you downright immoral when you steal someone’s content and pass it off as your own. Chances are that when you do commit this crime, most people will not find out but consider this: what if they do? If someone finds out that you have been plagiarizing it doesn’t only mean the content in question is tainted but also anything you might have originally produced in the past comes into question.

Paraphrasing, Tada!

There are many ways to avoid plagiarism. And if you are doing it in a right way, you will get you text free of plagiarism. I know you must be thinking about what you could do if what you have to write is technical and you cannot come up with facts on your own. Do not be scared. The answer to your problem is paraphrasing. Now what is paraphrasing, you ask? It is when you take someone’s original content from, say, the internet or a book and rewrite it in your own words. This means you change the words previously used while the main message that is being delivered stays the same. Now, if you cannot come up with your own original ideas, the least you can do is rewrite already written ones, right?

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There are numerous online paraphrasing websites available to help you accomplish this task. This way, you will have professionals working on the task while you will not have to and the content they will provide you in the end will be 100% plagiarism-free. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?

Did You Know?

Did you know that plagiarism doesn’t only apply to intellectual property? If you steal pictures, sounds and even designs or drawings, you would be plagiarizing. Anything you take without the original author or photographer or musician or artist’s consent is considered stolen property.

I know how difficult it is these days to go on the internet and find exactly what it is that you are looking for. It’s like being thrown into an ocean expecting to find Nemo except you have never seen Nemo and there are a thousand clown fishes swimming by.

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