Do You Need to Memorize Multiplication Tables?

Memorize Multiplication Tables

There is an ever lingering doubt about memorizing multiplication tables-whether it is necessary to learn by rote or sheer understanding is enough for doing multiplication tables. To be plain, both are important since any good Math student has an understanding of the Math fact he memorizes.

Why to Memorize Multiplication Tables?

1. Memorizing multiplication tables helps you recall answers instantly from your memory. You are quick to answer and spend less time in calculation.

2. You need multiplication skills in many of real life situations. You need multiplication abilities while working with days and weeks in a calendar. In car repair also, knowledge of multiplication tables proves good.

3. It improves your memorizing skills. You give drill to your mind and shape its skills well.

4. Further, multiplication tables are the building blocks of advanced Math since they are one of the basic computational skills. So, memorizing tables is highly beneficial for learning Math at advanced level.

5. Many careers need multiplication abilities in their basic applications. A chef needs to multiply the quantity to make his recipes as per the number of persons he is going to serve his recipes with. An actor needs multiplication tables to arrive at calculations immediately on the spot for booking dates for his films. Those who prefer jobs related to travel need multiplication skills to compute distances, hours etc during their travel.

6. A business man definitely needs these skills for shining in his business with proper records of finance transactions.

7. Same way, to shine in stock markets, you need the skill to multiply numbers with a quick eye so as to take informed decisions about shares in a short time.

8. Memorizing multiplication tables is a necessary learning activity since it reduces the stress of students during exam time and homework schedules.

9. It gives less work for calculators. During some exams where calculators are not allowed, times tables comes in handy with best results possible.

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