Is it possible to be a lazy student and to be successful?

lazy student

Everyone believes that successful students are diligent and dedicated to daily obligations so another half of the people are simply doomed to go through the life without a degree and any compliments in the life. That’s not true. Even a lazy student can be successful, only with some rules which have to accept from the first day of the studies.

After all, a lazy person does more jobs successfully just because they have to. During the life they learned to avoid all problems and simply do just they need – that tactic is actually very clever. There are some things you have to understand and implement in your activities.

Adopt the 80/20 rule

Experts say that every success hides only 20% of hard working and even 80% of side activities which weren’t included in the job you done. Successful persons actually know how to use only those 20% in every job they do, which help them to include only needed activities – and short time for resolving problems. Next time when you have some obligation, don’t give too much of your effort, just needed 20%.

Forget about the perfectionism

Successful people are not perfect; they do only what they need to get the job done. This is connected with the previous rule, where person do only what is important to do. When you start to learn, you don’t need to check every page and question, repeat sentences until they are completely informational and check every sentence in your paperwork for the perfect grammar and punctuation. Instead of that, try with deeply learning of all information and check it in right places.

Surround yourself with successful people

This can be very important to the college. While successful people help all other people in their surroundings with advice and useful tips, on the college they can be a source of very useful information. They actually know how to learn long lessons, how to write perfect paperwork or have a great connection with the teachers and other students.

Successful learning sometimes is not just a whole book in your head. That can be good information about the student club in the library where they do practicing or consultation with the good teacher on the college who helps everybody to pass the exam.

Learn how to negotiate and cooperate with the colleagues

It seems like you use your colleagues to learn instead of you, but that’s actually a good example of friendship with the successful people like we said above. That means that you can politely ask your colleague to write something for you or borrow a book where he learned from which can short the time needed for studying. Sometimes you just need good notes from the classes instead of the whole book. Yes, you read well, you need to NEGOTIATE, which means that sometimes you need to do something in exchange for the favor your colleague did for you.

Learn how to use a modern technology

You don’t need to check their paperwork for grammar and punctuation mistakes if you use online and free services for that. You also can put your e-mail address for automated response if you don’t want to lose your time for answering. Mobil phone, tablet, and all other high-tech toys are perfect for someone who is too lazy to read, write and remember things.

Separate all jobs in small steps

A whole book with lessons in front of you as the obligation can be disappointingly and stops you in studying, do less job every day instead. Every time when you finish the class, read the notes and lesson from the book. You’ll remember all important things and spend much less time in studying for the exam.

Now we are serious – why are you lazy at first place?

Experts say that lazy people are actually not stimulated enough. They simply don’t want to spend too much of time for doing something which is boring for them. So, maybe the first thing you should do is to find out why you are so bored and not interested in studying. Perhaps you need something more useful for you? Try these tips:

  • Make a plan for your wishes, needs and expectations. Make a decision which is most important to you in the future. Separate all duties in specific steps.
  • Find a special motivation in your studying. You may feel disappointed with the boring and long classes but think about the knowledge which you’ll adopt and the future position thanks to that knowledge. Seems more useful, isn’t it?
  • Find someone to compete with. That can be your colleague or someone from the family. Be better that someone, and don’t think about the circumstances.

For consolation, there is a research which says that we actually delay the jobs which are important for us. So, next time when you feel that you just can’t do something, you should suspend everything else and focus exactly on that specific job. That can be your destiny.

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