How Does Technology Enhance Teaching and Learning Amount to Student Success?

Technology Enhance Teaching and Learning

Technology has touched the realms of education to a great level. Teaching and learning have attained heights of success with enhanced technological tools. Every teacher, who is technologically sound, feels proud on the date that his knowledge can reach many students in a perfect and flawless manner and the student also feels good about the acquisition of real education on his part. This is due to the tools like e- readers, tablet computers, digital textbooks and digital videos of the day. More advantage is added by tutoring online with its convenient time structure and accessibility.

Rewards of enhanced technology

Technological tools have paved way for good comprehension, great analytical skills and increased problem solving skills and dynamic personality for the students. It is active participation, be it the platform of the classroom or any social portfolio. They are able to concentrate and respond to the teacher in a clear mode, proving their expertise in handling the technology. Most of the educational sessions tend to be interactive, mind blowing and collaborative in their structure and implementation, with the aid of technological tools which virtually conceptualize the essence of learning – accuracy of learning, visualization of the concept and adeptness in collecting and analyzing volumes of data. Online tutoring is a feather in the cap in this context.

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It is of the same quantum of advantage for the teachers as well. They are able to impart what they want to impart too many at a time without restraint. Advanced technology helps their quick communication to diverse student community who reciprocates their communication very fast with an understanding of the content taught. Enhanced technology helps teacher’s vivid portrayal of complex concepts in a neat and clear manner for the students to understand especially in subjects like science and Mathematics. Software in geometry makes math learning and teaching an easy task, since it promotes experimenting with the families of geometric objects. Online math tutoring is highly fruitful in motivating the students to come out of their problems they face while doing sums.

Technological tools for student success

  • There are many advanced and improved tools in technology which can play a major role in enhancing student success.
  • Interactive digital whiteboards help the teacher’s post their lessons before hand and the students too are able to come out with their response then and there. You have projectors attached to these boards as the latest addition.
  • Response systems for the students are available, which operate like TV remotes to record answers and votes from students.

  • Tablets and Notebooks are very popular tools for their compact, durable, perfect and student friendly features.
  • Digital projectors, Document cameras and laptops and desktops are essential tools for the learning process of storing and analyzing data and other invisible processes.

It is advanced learning particularly online. Hence we can understand the success of advanced technology based education. It leads to student centered learning and promotes independent thinking on the part of the students. It is true to the word that technology has revolutionized the global set up, having printed its impact on all major aspects of life, including education.

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