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The financial help and support provided to the students to pursue their further education is known as scholarship. It is awarded on the basis of different criteria that generally reflect the ideals and purposes of the founder of the award. Education Scholarships are not only given to the financially backward or needy people but also to the deserving meritorious students of any fields. It is given on the basis of a particular cause and reason.

The different types of Scholarships are discussed below:

Merit- based: The students who excellence with their meritorious capability in any of the field such as education, art, culture, sports etc are awarded merit based grants. The students show their extreme high talent to achieve merit-based award because these awards are highly competitive and not very easily achieve without high merit and dedication.

Need- based: The students who belong from economically backward class and need financial aid to pursue their education or in any other fields are given the need-based grants. These financial help to students not only support them for further studies or any other activities but also encourages them as well as their parents as well.

Career Specific: Career specific grants are granted to those students from a college, institution or university from which the students are pursuing their different field of study. Career-specific grants are granted to the students in any field of study to the generous students who have a high ambition in their career or their field of study.

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College Specific: College Specific grants are those which are given to the particular students according to the norms and regulations of the college, institutions or university to deserve the grants. These are given on the basis of individual academic achievement of the students.

Student Specific: Student specific grants are for every kind of students in different kinds of field form which they belong to. Student-specific may belong form a specific group of students or any other criteria they want to pursue their education or other field of study. The financial aid is given to such group of specific-students.

Sports: Sports grants are given to the students on the basis of their performance in different sports activity in school, college, university or any other place. The students receiving the sports grants must be very must specific and talented in the sports they have taken part and should also have the determination to win the championship.

Creative Contest: Creative contest grants are given to the different kinds of people may of any age group or any other criteria for showcasing their creativity in any field such as academic, music, art, culture etc. The award winner gets the grants on basis of their talent and creativity.

Brand Scholarships: Sometimes some brand in order to promote themselves and their products provides grant to get attention. Such grants can be given in any kind of field to any kind of person of any age. Brand award may consist of cash prize, gift voucher etc.

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