Easy to Do Tricks for Quick Multiplication

Tricks for Quick Multiplication

Simple multiplications are more of mental activities and here you find some mental Math tricks to do multiplication at the simplest level without breaking your head.

When you do multiplication for two numbers, they have twin numbers.

Example: when you multiply 9*7, you have the twin number 7*9. If you forget the multiplication table for the first one, you can recollect the answer for the twin number. Both answers are the same.

To multiply a number by 2, add the number to it.

Example: if you want to multiply 8*2, add 8+8. You get the same answer.

When you multiply a number by 5, you can multiply it by 10 and reduce it into half.

Example:  if you want to multiply 8 by 5, you can multiply 8 by 10 which is equal to 80 the half of which is 40.8*5 is also 40.

Multiply a number by 10 when you want to multiply it by 9 and subtract the number from the multiplied number to get the answer.

Example:  if you want to multiply 6 by 9, you first multiply 6 by 10. The answer is 6*10=60. Subtract 6 from it: 60-6=54.6*9 is also 54.

Multiplication of a number by 11 is the repetition of the digit till 99.

Suppose you want to write the multiplication for 14*11, add 1 and 4 and insert the number in between. 1+4=5. So the answer is 154.

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Simple mental Math tricks help you do multiplication faster and constant practice of such tricks helps you save time during homework and tests in Math.

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