Changes In The Methods Of Education Over Decades

Education has faced many milestones in its evolution. When it was a disciplined and rigorous curriculum in olden days with traditional classroom atmosphere with one teacher to instruct and many students to attend, today’s educational patterns are entirely different and modern with methods like online education.

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Traditional education versus online education

Traditional education is time bound and teacher centric. The teacher exposes his or her knowledge and handles a large batch of students and thus is unable to show personalized concentration on each student. Sitting in brick and mortar classes with stipulated hours of attendance makes students dull and most of them are not involved in their studies without motivation. This has been the practice in education over a long period of time.

Today’s education is mostly through online method. Online education is student centric. It allows every student to learn at his pace and style as the timing is flexible. Online learners have shown better records of study than the traditional school goers as per latest surveys. More college degrees are fetched by online learners than the traditional learners. Though physical rapport is not there in online learning methods, Skype and video conferences drive away such shortcomings of online education.

Traditional tutoring versus online tutoring

Traditional tutoring is out of date, time consuming and involves commutation problems. It is more expensive compared to online tutoring which is the buzz word of present day education. Parents and students prefer virtual tutoring methods for the flexible times, personalized attention and one on one interaction. White board like technological tools also plays a major role in popularizing online tutors. Students interact with tutors, record their tutoring sessions and refer to them for future purposes.

Thus methods of education have undergone many changes during the evolution of education and the latest outfit of education is online learning and virtual tutoring.

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