Analytical Methods to Touch Your Reader’s Feelings

Touch Your Reader's Feelings

The dream of every writer – make readers see what he saw and feel what he felt. This dream is achieved through two groups of actions: creative and analytical. Creative actions include the part of the writer’s work when he or she brainstorms ideas for the story. The more interesting and non-trivial ideas story has the more chances that it will become popular. However, a good or even brilliant idea is not enough to make the story work. There are different analytical methods to make this happened:

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50+ Resources that Transform Education Today


Education technology has occupied much space in recent technological developments. With an attitude of philanthropy, revolutionary giants in technology have shown interest in empowering education with new technological strides.

Though there are many online startups, they are spun around some fundamental educational ideas and as such it has become convenient for us to pick out the leading startups based on these ideas. Here these ideas and leading startups are:

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5 You Tube Channels to Help You Teach Math

Math online tutors

If learning Math is difficult, teaching Math is equally challenging. With online teaching resources in their bucket list, Math teachers make way for interactive Math classes where students feel the essence of Math learning through many productive classes. You Tube presents various Math tutoring resources which are highly fruitful for easy Math learning with proper insights about topics. Here you find 5 such You Tube channels for your easy Math.

  1. The Video Math Tutor

This You Tube Channel provides Math tutoring videos covering topics like Basic Math lessons, brain teasers, calculator tips, video flash cards and so on. It has more than 10,000 subscribers.

  1. Khan Academy

It is a famous You Tube channel with more than 200 million video views. It has 424 thousand subscribers. Khan Academy videos are on Math, Physics, geometry and many more topics. This You Tube video channel helps students learn Math the fun way with ease.

  1. Mathademics

Mathademics offers videos on topics like decimals and fractions, algebra and functions, geometry, arithmetic, number sense etc.

  1. Math TV

This is the channel of an experienced Math teacher who has the experience of teaching Math over 30 years. There can be many resources that come handy for teachers to make Math an easy learning from this video channel.

  1. PatrickJMT Free Math Videos

This is one of the most popular video channels on You Tube. It has more than 114 thousand subscribers. It provides videos on calculus, differential equations, limits, integrals, anti-derivatives, linear equations, exponents, quadratic inequalities and so on.

All these You Tube channels work wonders for students who struggle in various Math topics. They are also the tools for teachers to make their classes lively and interesting with good insights.  Math online tutoring sites also offer many practical tips for students for acing different Math topics. Their personalized sessions and white board interactions bring unique insights about topics and make even the toughest topics in Math easy to learn with custom made solutions.

EduNiche provides tutoring services and Math homework help for students who find many Math areas challenging and unable to cope with.

Time to Upgrade Yourself for College Exams

college online tutoring

Yes, it is time to upgrade yourself for college exams. You may be a fresher in college and at the threshold of facing tests and exams. Your high school experience is limited and may not lend room for excelling in skills that pave way for your success and straight A in college tests and exams.

How to upgrade your skills in advanced courses of study at college level?

College life is very busy and lands you in many avenues which are new and interesting. The parties and the splendor of new companies may allure you to the core and you find no time to concentrate on the subjects which are new with some being extremely alien to your knowledge and understanding. How to cope with college studies and face the oncoming exams?

Online college tutors are your saviors helping you get good ground knowledge in college topics and compensate what you miss in your class notes. With lack of complete attendance in classes and part time work schedules, filling out assignments with good material and completing college homework look very tough and overwhelming to you many times.

Register with a college online tutoring center like EduNiche and pocket good learning skills in the subjects you undertake to learn at college level. Interact with the tutor and find out what learning methods suit you and how you can prepare for your college exams. Sit for mock tests and get a comprehensive study material that comes handy for your college exam prep.

Tutors of EduNiche are subject experts with PhD and Masters in the subjects that they can thwart any tough aspect of learning in college topics and help students with good learning strategies via their college exams help. Their white board writings, explanations of theory parts with suitable examples and recorded tutoring sessions help students review their skills in the subjects and cement the missing holes in their learning with ease.

College exam prep is easy with the help of EduNiche tutors whose experience makes students understand how to get through the subject topics and get stunning scores in college exams.

5 Facts About Online Tutoring Everyone Thinks Are True

online tutors

Virtual tutoring has become part and parcel of every home and just as taking breakfast and dinner, seeking e-tutoring help for each and every aspect of learning has become a regular course in life.

But for the fact that there are some unique features in online tutoring that makes this system acceptable for all people, one cannot account for the popularity of this system. Understanding the underlying common facts that make e-tutoring suitable and excellent in its function is essential for seeking the exact remedy for your educational maladies through this fantastic mode of learning.

What are the 5 facts which are common in virtual tutoring that everyone accepts?

  1. Reaching out to every nook and corner of the world: Today, even a person from a rural setting knows how to use a smart phone and get benefited from its apps and features. Tutoring online takes this aspect to its advantage since it has the world wide connectivity through net and is easily accessible from across the globe. An American tutor can converse with a student from Africa and clarify his doubts on live chat within minutes. This reach and easy access is a great thing about this mode of learning making students get help with ease for their learning hurdles.
  2. Any time availability: Getting stuck in Math or Physics or in a reading passage is a very common problem. This can occur in any minute at late night while sitting for a test prep or struggling with homework. Online tutors are available at any time without break and their 24/7 services are highly praised for the instant replies they impart to students in crucial hours.
  3. Help of subject experts: Parents can support their kids in learning. Dear and near can come to one’s rescue in difficult learning phases. It is only a subject expert with his knowledge in the nuances of the subject can expel any challenge posed by the students. This is essential for weeding out any kind of doubt in student learning and thus strengthening one’s subject skills and knowledge.
  4. Affordability: It is not that long term tutoring packages alone are beneficial for kids. Even an hour’s tutoring or homework help can suffice to help students get that information they need to complete their homework. That way, online tutoring sites support kids extremely with their affordable offers for short term benefits.
  5. Saving time: Lack of commutation is a great plus point in this system and students feel the ease of learning from their place. Today mobile learning has been gathering momentum lending access of help for students from any place they stay.

Thus virtual tutoring has crept into every family for the reach, ease of access, time flexibility, affordability and subject expertise it lends to students. Find online tutor from EduNiche for better advantages.

7 Great Articles about Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

With everyone going mad about seeking virtual help for their homework and subject struggles, picking out an e-tutoring center that is reliable and resourceful is highly crucial. EduNiche stands out among its competitors with its excellent pack of tutors who do wonderful job to uplift students out of their struggling learning moments.

It is amazing to read the following 7 articles that speak of the great work done by online tutoring centers in various aspects of learning and most of them show how EduNiche has a specialized corner in this portfolio.

8 Tips For Choosing The Best Online Tutoring Company In The USA
The article describes how students can pick the best tutoring site for their learning help. It stupendously outlines tips like reliability, reference check, quality in tutoring, affordability, right tech support and other such good things about the tutoring company as parameters for selecting an e-tutoring company.

What Makes EduNiche Online Tutoring Popular?
The Press Release shows why EduNiche has won the hearts of thousands of students. It makes clear the reasons for the popularity of this website like 24/7 customer support, cloud based tech support, rapid homework solutions and one on one tutoring via subject experts.

100 Lesson Plans And Ideas For Teaching Math
Math is a tricky subject for teachers as well. Handling Math topics for easy understanding of students in innovative ways expects teachers to keep many resources in store.100 lesson plans and the ways to execute them are enlisted in this article for the use and benefit of teachers. Hope it comes a great way for Math tutors who want to possess more teaching resources as their aid.

How to Connect with Accounting Tutor in Minutes’ Time?
The blog outlines what steps you need to take for choosing the right online Accounting tutor. Searching on the web and picking out the right tutoring site for accounting help is critical and it needs some preparatory ground to choose the right help.

Tutor Pace Offers 10% Discount on Online Assignment Help for Improved Grades
The Press Release describes how online assignment help is the best succor for avoiding late submissions of assignment. Expert writers offer plagiarism free and unique content for student help and revise their write ups.Time flexibility and instant customer support adds to this scenario.

Benefits of Math Online Tutoring
The blog points out the array of benefits Math online tutoring puts forth to students. Timely help for homework solutions, one on one tutoring with white board help, instant clarifications for doubts are all available through veteran subject experts in online classrooms.

How to Study For a Math Test the Night before the Exam?
An organized method of learning on the eve of Math exam is the trump card for successful scores. This is what the article explains with tips like using note cards, sleeping well and revising the topics without learning anything new. Stress free exam preparation is the key to success.

So, it is clear that all these articles show how online tutors make their best efforts for students’ hassle free learning in all aspects of their studies. EduNiche has a special mention here, (based on our reading of the above cited articles), since it really focuses on student improvement in all areas of education through good tutoring with best tech and customer support.


Great Milestones in the Evolution of Education!

Education adds value to one’s life and makes him perfect in his lifestyle. It would be interesting to see how education evolved and what milestones it has seen in its progress.

evolution of education

Since the creation of the world, man started communicating through sounds from which the art of speaking and writing slowly evolved. As days went on, men learnt to build their cities wherein the establishment of schools took place in course of time. A set of instructors came in to train young minds in various faculties and thus subjects like language, Math, Science entered the portals of education.

Early trends of education

Greeks and Romans were the pioneers in educational trends and they made learning possible through great scholars who trained young minds in various faculties. While Greeks gave importance to language and Math, Romans were interested in creating great orators who proved their worth in Roman senates. History has seen various Greek and Roman scholars who are admired even today for their scholarship and impeccable knowledge.

In middle ages, education had its great milestone in the establishment of Universities. Middle age scholars were experts in logic, grammar, rhetoric and geometry and education of this age had lots of religious overtones in it.

Renaissance and oncoming centuries

Renaissance is known to be the age marking the revival of art and it was reflected in the educational trends as well. Humanistic approach to learning was the hall mark of the age and it emphasized on liberal education in contrast to the strict parameters imposed by the educational methods of previous centuries. Learning was exciting and fun in this century.

Next century faced religious reformation which was reflected in educational patterns also. And by this time, educational practices of various sorts have deep rooted themselves in various parts of the world and the prominence of innovative methods in education came to the front.

American education

Colonies in America were teaching arithmetic, reading, writing and religion in 17TH century. They followed humanist curriculum. As it went on, history, geography, algebra, geometry, astronomy, modern languages were taught in the United States in 18TH century. Common schools were started in the US followed by public secondary schools in 19th century.

20TH century

This is the marked period in educational trends with many new systems introduced by the advent of computer and internet. People started using computers for teaching and those who had access to this great technological tool were able to work wonders in their education.

Education today

Today, it is the world of online classes and schools with varied curricula and courses that are limitless and seamless. Learning in a physical classroom is slowly disappearing with the advent of tutoring sites that make education possible anywhere at any time. With the innovation in technology, education through virtual set ups has become the order of the day as  it is the most feasible outfit for a student of modern days.

Online tutoring has a great role to play in this context making education affordable, available and modern. It gives us the hope that there would not be any traditional classroom in future but only white boards online to teach students via technological medium.

Thus, education has seen various trends and is at a sublime level today with the advent of online teaching methods.

How Online Tutors Help Parents Track Their Kids’ Educational Progress!

online tutors

Education is an important aspect in life and it can’t be forgone at any cost. Be it a parent of high class living or mediocre background, he or she needs to take care of his or her kid’s education under any circumstances. Still, tracking a child’s progress has become a chore nowadays due to the multitasking environment a parent faces and the complicated educational process children face today. Sitting at home or from the work place, if one is able to monitor his or her kid’s education it would be more than bliss.  Online tutoring environment makes this highly possible. Let us see how it is possible in online tutoring.

  • Online tutoring sites provide scope for parents to sit with their wards during tutoring sessions and monitor what is going on. One thing is that the parents are able to know what the children learn in the tutoring session for the day and could involve themselves in reviewing the same with the kids afterwards at home. One more thing is that they could observe the tutoring methods and follow the same for infusing the topic in the kid’s mind
  • Online tutors help parents track their kids’ progress through their periodic report cards, regular chats and emails. Parents could  have  their own accounts and log in to know their kids’ educational status whenever they wish to check up with their children’s’ progress in any subject
  • Parents too could learn the subjects with the kids and help them whenever they struggle once they follow the tutoring sessions regularly
  • Parents could set short term  goals  in subjects   to track their kids’ progress following which parents could identify their kids’ learning capabilities and shortfalls whenever they fall behind
  • Parents could have conferences also with the online tutors to ascertain their kids’ progress and know what they could do on their part to improve their children’s studies

Among the hectic schedules of parents, especially for those who are job oriented and stay outside home for a long time, tracking kids’ educational progress through online tutors is a real boon. For, they get rid of their mental burden when they are able to get regular updates about their children’s ongoing processes in doing homework or test through an online platform which is easy to handle. They could update their wards’ progress from wherever they are and at any time as per their convenience. Not only that, for people who stay away from home or parents of children with disabilities, online tutoring is the best resort for tracking their kids’ progress. It is because, the tutors online take special of their kids and approach in a customized manner to make learning easy for them. Most of the online tutoring services are mobile friendly and parents could update their children’s progress through their mobiles.

Eduniche provides personalized attention for each candidate it takes in and thus makes it highly feasible for parents to track their kid’s educational progress through their contact with online tutors of Eduniche. The tutors provide right information about the kids’ learning skills as they handle every kid with an individualized care and help parents resolve their kids’ learning issues in the most amicable manner.

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