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ACT English is a bit tough with its reading comprehension passage which tests your analytical abilities and quick responses in the form of answers. Developing reading fluency and comprehension skills adds to your ACT English scores.

There are some tricks and tips that help you top up your ACT English scores in a fine way. Here you have some such tips for acing your test.

  1. Have an eye on the basic rules of English: when you read the passages, have an eye on the grammar, spelling and vocabulary of the underlined words. Pick up the errors and try the answers. At times, the underlined ones will be right also. In such a case, choose No Change answer. Be quick and alert in finding out the mistakes.
  2. Be familiar with the basic tools of English: Some ACT English questions may focus on the basic tools of English like tone of the passage. Have an idea of such tools and be ready to face such questions.
  3. Read the entire passage for analysis: It is good to read the entire passage as there can be a question at the end which tests your overall understanding of the passage.
  4. Manage your time well: ACT English has 75 questions to be answered within 45 minutes. You can take only 50 seconds for a question and not more than that. Be focused in your reading so as to pay attention to every detail in the passage without deviation.
  5. Know the two basic areas in English: Standard written English and rhetorical skills. In standard written English, you should be familiar with sentence structure, grammar and usage and punctuation. Rhetorical skills include style, organization and strategy. Despite your knowledge in these areas, it is actually your ability to read the basic text that comes in handy for you.
  6. Get a tutor for help: Getting online tutoring help for improving your test strategies is the right succor for acing ACT English for top scores. Online ACT English tutor explains the intricacies of the reading passages and the methods to approach them for hassle free and quick answers. He shows you what kind of mistakes occur in the passages and how to find them out with his practice tests and examples.
  7. Prepare beforehand and sit for mock tests: Scheduling your ACT well before time and taking the assistance of a reliable website for practice questions, comprehensive test material surely helps you go to the top with brilliant scores. Sit for mock tests under test conditions to experience the pressure of the test day and seek remedies for your stress and tension through able tutors.
  8. Practice relaxation techniques: Despite your preparation, it is a big day and you are sure to fumble a little. Practice relaxation techniques for keeping yourself cool and go to the hall with a composed mind.

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Top 5 Test Prep Tips for Acing SAT/ACT!


When SAT or ACT knocks at your doors, you feel overwhelmed and find yourself in a fix. Proper test prep techniques boost your test scores and help you achieve entry into your dream college. Here are a few top tips for preparing and attending Standardized Tests.

  1. Practice and practice: Practice makes things perfect. One thing is you shed off your fear of facing the Test. Secondly, you get used to the format of the Test and attend the real test with ease. Thirdly, you understand what your weak area is and concentrate on it more.
  2. Have an extended period of study time: Taking SAT/ACT with last minute prep is not the way to ace it. You need to schedule your exam date well in advance, sit for your prep for a few months and then take the Test for ensuring successful scores.
  3. Develop the habit of accepting test pressure: Last minute jerks, instructions of the examiner and twisted questions in the test paper should not pull you down on the Test day. You can get over your stress through two ways: One thing is to sit for practice tests with the same time schedules of the actual test and the other thing is practicing relaxation techniques to get over your anxiety and tension.
  4. Getting external help for improving your study skills: It is not that you sit the whole day and night for SAT or ACT preparation and work wonders. Instead, approach tutoring centers that showcase expert tutors who handle SAT or ACT syllabus with their experience and chalk out ways and means through which you can ace the Test without hassle. Online tutoring sites offer major help through their practice tests, comprehensive test prep material, regular tutoring and personalized sessions for clarifying doubts.
  5. Have a relaxed mind to face the Test on the big day: Sleep well and have good breakfast. Read the questions in full and eliminate wrong answers. Keep up your time and then it is all success for you.

Make the best use of available resources for your help like online tutors for SAT or ACT and do your best in the Test.

Geometry Homework Help-Develop Better Visual Abilities with Online Help!

Geometry Homework Help-Develop Better Visual Abilities with Online HelpMath can be your big score master or get you a zero in no time. Applying your brain to Math work is not a great matter, once you have the mind for it. If you are pulled off otherwise, you are sure to lose your confidence, spirits and scores as well. As you ascend in your grades, your Math pressure also mounts with new names like Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Statistics. You could not come out of its shutters nor could you shut your mind upon it. Why not try methods and techniques that bring you out of Math clutters and work you wonder on your educational path?

Online help for Math subjects reduces your mental burden to half and you would concentrate on your topics with less effort and much enthusiasm. Geometry could pose many threats to you with its various shapes and figures and different formulae. Once you get stuck in Geometry homework, you would be in a standstill without knowing the way to move ahead.  Take Geometry Homework Help from tutoring experts who know how to sync your mind with your work with their clear ideas and practical tips.

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Making use of JavaScript as scripting language is essential to make your web pages interactive and appealing. JavaScript homework help is the way to clear your doubts in the subject and enhance your ideas about increasing the functionality of your web pages.

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