How You Can Be Leaked Out For Using Plagiarism

Leaked Out For Using Plagiarism

There is no question about the fact that technology has enabled students to diligently articulate ways to plagiarize. Not to mention, it has also allowed for plagiarism to be increasingly more common in schools and colleges. But on the other hand, it has also provided teachers and professors really efficient and convenient tools to detect plagiarism as well, helping them formulate stricter and stringent academic regulations concerning plagiarism and honest policies.

However, despite there being so much a teacher can with technology to catch students who plagiarize it is unfortunate to see that just a handful of them are committed to doing something about in their classrooms – in the sense that little is being done to completely eliminate the chances of plagiarism. And one of the primary reasons why teachers think they really can’t do anything about it because they aren’t adequately equipped with rights tools and software. For example, a majority of institutes don’t incorporate the use of popular plagiarism software and whatnot.

But it is indeed safe to say that nothing is farther from the truth. And I speak from experience, and what I think is that the number of times a teacher or a professor catches a student plagiarizing directly correlates with how that teacher or professor really feels about plagiarizing, how determines he is to eliminating this growing concern in his classroom. And it is a fact that a majority of teachers have the ability to catch students plagiarizing from sheer experience, without the use to tools and software.

And this brings us to how you too can identify and determine whether or not a student has plagiarized. In light of this here some really good tips and pointers on leaking a student out for using plagiarism:

A Sudden Jolt of Creativity in a Student’s Work

This is perhaps the easiest way of identifying whether or not a student has plagiarized. Do you have a student in your classroom who absolutely struggles when you talk about basic grammar, appropriate sentence structuring and sophisticated English sentences? Alright so you do. Well, has he suddenly become Shakespeare and presented you with a perfect college paper or essay? And if he has, well, I would bet my bottom dollar on every inch of your instinct telling you he/she has plagiarized.

The same goes for a fluent and smart teacher who has suddenly become moronic in his latest term paper. This is also a cause of suspicion. An abrupt change in writing style of a student can go a long way in determining whether or not he has been putting in a lot of hard work and effort in his academic assignments.

Weird or Poor Formatting of the Paper

Although the writing style and sentence structuring is often the best lead to identify plagiarism, there are times when teachers absolutely fall into a conundrum before finishing reading the very sentence. More often than not a paper can just simply look weird. And there can be several factors to tingle your 6th sense for plagiarism – inappropriate margins, big and small fonts, strange spacing, etc. These are all sign that lead to plagiarism.  And the reason why this happens is due to the strange and often unpredictable effects caused by directly copy pasting content off the internet, which could throw a student’s formatting off the scale. When you’re reading a paper, make sure you check for these signs of misplaced formatting and unusual errors that just don’t make any sense.

Consequences of Plagiarism and How Students can avoid it

There are plenty of consequences of plagiarism that students fail to realize when they’re in a hurry to finish their paper because well the deadline is dangling atop their heads and they have just started writing. In light of this, mentioned below are some deadly effects of plagiarism and how students can avoid making it a habit:

Tarnished Student Reputation

Allegations pertaining to plagiarism can end up badly for a student as he or she can either be suspended from attending school or worse, being expelled. And regardless of whether or not a student has plagiarized his paper once or twice, if he is caught, his whole academic record will be scrutinized, which will lead to plenty of colleges barring him from every attending the institution.


This solution to this one is simple, realize your potential, and understand that you have a future ahead of you that you are going to be responsible for. Taking deadly academic risks can only lead to resentment, regret and depression. Instead of cheating and plagiarizing, why not instead focus on paraphrasing whatever you read and provide legitimate quotes and context?

Tarnished Professional Reputation

The damage of plagiarism can be severe for the likes of journalists, politicians and businessmen and the effect of become deeply embedded throughout their careers. Not to mention the fact that if a politician or journalist is caught plagiarizing, he will most like be fired immediately and will have to live with a damaged professional reputation for the rest of his life.


Plagiarism becomes habitual if an individual decided to indulge in throughout his academic career. And once this become a habit, it is quite difficult to get out of it, and you will most like take every short cut you can to get the job done without putting in any effort. To avoid this, it is important to adopt a more serious attitude towards your academic endeavor and become a successful and productive member of the society.

The Bottom Line

It is quite simple to realize that plagiarism is not the answer. It will never get you anywhere, not to mention it isn’t fair for your peers, who put the effort and the hard work to secure a good grade and excel in their studies. Why not strive to become like them? Think about it.

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