Best Tools to Help You Write a Great Essay

Write a Great Essay

Do you need to write an essay for a high school or college class? Are you stuck wondering where to start or how you’ll find the time to get the whole thing done on time? These resources can help make the process faster and more efficient.

Thesis Creator

Not sure what you want to write about? Thesis Creator will ask you general topics about your topic and your opinions about it to help you come up with a thesis that can be contained within the allotted length of your essay. It works best for shorter essays, but you can modify your thesis to work for larger projects.

Ninja Essays

Ninja Essays is an essay writing service that can write your essay for you if you’re in a pinch. In addition to writing essays, they also offer editing, proofreading, and formatting assistance. They also offer help with coursework and other assignments. The site works with over 400 writers, so they’ll be able to match you with someone who is perfect for your essay.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is a massive problem when writing an essay. Not only is plagiarism likely to get you a failing grade, but it’s also probable that you’ll be suspended or expelled. To avoid any instances of plagiarism, let PlagTracker compare your paper to thousands of websites and point out any similarities. For an extra fee, the site can rewrite these sentences to make them original.

Top 8 Reasons Why You Need Online Help For Writing Assignments

Purdue Online Writing Lab

The Purdue Online Writing Lab helps you write any kind of essay. You just select the kind of essay you are writing (Expository, descriptive, narrative, or argumentative), and the website will walk you through all the important details to make sure you’re not missing anything of consequence.

Essay Capital

Essays Capital is another custom writing service. They pride themselves on getting to know your personal style and tone of voice so they can mimic that in their writing. They want to make sure when you turn in your paper, your instructor or professor will feel your personality throughout the writing.

Grammar Check

Grammar Check is an online editor. You just paste your essay into the website’s checker, and it will point out any grammatical and spelling errors, style errors, run-on sentences, fragments, and other flaws in the writing. It’s a fast and easy way to one up your computer’s spell checker.

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Citation Machine

Perhaps the most time-consuming and tedious part of writing an essay is creating the “Works Cited,” or “References” page. Citation Machine simplifies the process by asking you for all the pertinent information about your sources, and then creating the references for you. All you have to do is copy and paste them into your paper.

Essay Mama

Essay Mama offers a custom essay writing service for students, as well as assistance with proofreading, editing, and formatting. The site always guarantees 100% plagiarism-free work. There are also quarterly essay contests in which you can earn money and recognition for your work. If you just want some assistance with generating ideas and learning better writing techniques, you can read their blog. It contains helpful infographics and information for high school and college students.

GRE Vocabulary Builder

The GRE Vocabulary Builder from Magoosh helps people who are studying for the GRE prepare for the verbal section of the test. The website is extremely effective at helping you learn new words and keep track of the ones you feel very comfortable with and the ones that need more practice. If you start working with Magoosh, your vocabulary will be impressive in no time! And your essays will only benefit from a larger vocabulary.

Effective Writing Center

The Effective Writing Center exists to make sure students are fully prepared to write the essay they have been assigned. The website thread helps students identify the key components of the assignment as well as what the instructor is expecting in a finished draft.

Now that you have the tools to help the writing process go smoothly and to finish your essay faster, what will you do with all the time you save? That’s the challenge here!

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