Analytical Methods to Touch Your Reader’s Feelings

Touch Your Reader's Feelings

The dream of every writer – make readers see what he saw and feel what he felt. This dream is achieved through two groups of actions: creative and analytical. Creative actions include the part of the writer’s work when he or she brainstorms ideas for the story. The more interesting and non-trivial ideas story has the more chances that it will become popular. However, a good or even brilliant idea is not enough to make the story work. There are different analytical methods to make this happened:

  • Use powerful details to immerse readers in the story’s world. All the senses may become your allies! Use different details to make readers’ imagination work. That means that writers use not only details that describe the visual part of the story, but also details to describe scents, sensations and etcetera. Main idea of all analytic methods is to analyze the components of a successful story. For example, you know that one story evokes strong emotions – you can see all the characters, you can see scenery and landscape, feel the weather, hear all the sounds and feel all the scents. If you can, than you can conclude that you are completely immersed in the story. After that you can take this story as an example of what you want to do with your own story. Try to identify details that better work for your perception – after that you can use them in your own story. Some people say that every writer is a mix of all the books he read. There is a lot of truth in these words, so try to read as much great stories as you can
  • Create non-trivial characters for your story. Every character in a story is like a soldier in your army. Every character should be on his place and work for a specific goal. Character can be on a second or even third plan, but he or she cannot be unimportant. So, if know this, you should be very serious when you describe the characters and create their history. Sometimes it is better to leave some space for reader’s imagination. However, some characters in several situations require a very clear description of their appearance, position in the society, their spirit, strengths and weaknesses. Because, by a large, readers want and need two main types of characters in a story: characters with whom they can empathize (like Harry Potter or Aragorn) and characters with whom readers can revile (for example, lord Voldemort or Tywin Lanninster). Buy the way, some characters can combine qualities of both types. Readers want to know  what motivates main characters and their aspirations – this is like a drug for a lot of readers, so writers use it to hook them
  • Use different constructions to evoke strong emotions. Most of authors use contrasts to empathize the tension in the plot. Great actions can be replaced by calm scenes, tragic situations – by funny situations and etcetera. A very popular trick is to create a feeling that the story is close to epilog and then give it a new development
  • Experiment with the author’s voice. Author’s voice can manipulate the story and give it different colors. Author’s voice can significantly change the whole atmosphere of the story and the way readers will perceive the plot. For example, it can give lighter tone to the horror story or some tragic notes to the comedy. However, author’s voice should select the vector to move and follow it. Before use some of the variants, make a good thinking about the voice that will emphasize and develop your story the best
  • After the foregoing, it is very important to make it work. All these details and techniques work only if readers immersed into the story. One of the most important components of every story is action, so you should pull readers into the action. Actions interact with dialogs and narrative elements, they all are very important to create the right impression. The most important goal of every action scene is to pull readers into the middle of the story

When you will use analytics methods to write your story, think about details or techniques in your favorite books that make you feel character’s joy, pain, love, hate and everything in between. Every writer is somehow a combination of all stories that he ever read. That means that every writer a priori, unwittingly uses analytical methods to work with readers. The most important thing to touch readers is to create strong details. The more strong details writer will create – the more chances to make readers believe in a story. More than that, only good details can build a non-trivial story. However, strong details is not the only component of a successful writing, it also include good action scenes and dialogs.

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