Your 5 Working Tools To Write A Grade Essay

5 Working Tools

Are you confused with too many recommendations on how to write your essay? Do you need something more practical and efficient? Unfortunately, your talent to writing isn’t the answer to these questions. You can’t fully rely on your inspiration’s rare visits since it may lead to the writer’s block and overdue. What you need is to acquire strong writing skills. In this case, the following guidelines are important but not enough. That is why many students prefer using special essay tools. They considerably ease the whole writing process and help you handle an essay topic faster.

The Easy Essay

Are you looking for an app that could organize your researched data? This tool will help you cope with 5 or 17 paragraph essays faster. You will be able to build a readable structure and not waste too much time on it. Hence, you can focus more on developing better arguments and supporting evidence. Writing an essay with this tool you will receive a chance to craft the best academic paper. The Easy Essay app is also popular among postgraduate students because it assists in organizing theses chapters and helps them stick to the requirements of a Dissertation Committee.

Purdue OWL

I found numerous tips on how to craft a good essay on this service. It has concise and clear explanations how to write each paragraph of different essay types. All instructions, examples, and guidelines are reliable because a community of Purdue University is responsible for publishing only these materials. The service offers free guides on MLA and APA styles and a step-by-step explanation how to conduct a research in your particular subject. For instance, if you have to submit an essay in Engineering or Social Sciences, the OWL (Online Writing Lab) has detailed explanations with clear examples. And each section comprises different resources that you can use for the research and essay paragraphs.

The service will become your personal consultant on how to achieve the efficient teamwork on the same project, write journal articles, reports, and reviews. And the most important for any student is a guide on how to present your research which is usually hard to defend without thorough preparation.


This is a vast database of essay samples that are uploaded by real students. Yet even those with A+ grades are checked by proficient proofreaders of the service. And you may like the fact that this service accepts only those papers which got A- as the lowest grade. I guess using such a tool you can write your essay faster because you will have a sample to follow. You can also save your time because you will see how another student conducted a research on the same topic. And what’s more, you can write your introduction easier than before since you can compare someone’s strong introduction with your first draft.

Essay Punch

If you are still at the stage of learning how to write an essay, I do advise you this tool. It’s an effective method to compose an essay without procrastination and nerves. The service offers you interactive exercises through which you can train your writing skills and develop analytical thinking. This tool manages all stages of writing an essay. First, it provides you with one free prompt and then guides you through each stage with so-called “help messages”. It is a strict teaching program since it disables a “go back button” so you could concentrate on a step-by-step writing and improve it only after the whole work is done.


I know a lot of writers who had to stop in the middle of writing every time they faced a wall before finding an appropriate word. And this break could last for days only because the word didn’t come out. It may sound foolish but when a person is obsessed with own work everything must be impeccable. That is why I chose this last tool for less experienced students in academic writing. It helps find closely associated words and visualize them in a form of an interactive map. The distance between words denotes their occurrence in everyday life.

You may have your own set of useful tools to create a winning essay and get the highest result. Though I consider these 5 tools the most productive in my writing practice because they are tested by many thriving students.

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